Key Change 23: The belated intro.

The beginning of it all. April 23rd 2013. Key Change 23. The road to living my life more musically. Music is life. Music is love. And this is me performing “I Believe It Can Be Done” from the movie “The Idolmaker” (originally sung by Ray Sharkey). The song and this movie we’re very influential in my life and many life long friends and decisions connect me to them. With this video I plan from this moment on to immerse myself in music. The study of it. The playing of it. The living of it. My entire life has been full of music but I feel like I was too busy playing along to really appreciate it. To really give in to it. It has been the same for a lot of things. Sometimes you just do what you need to do to get by. It’s not that I’ve ever given less than 100% of myself to anything. It’s more like I’ve given 100% when I felt it was right and I missed out on a life of knowledge that comes from doing something a million times. I’m not trying to anything but fall in love with music even more. That’s the plan. Music is my life. It’s part of my family. It’s in everything I do. Everything in life has music. Music is the sound of our feelings (as I’ve read several times on Facebook posts, instagram pics or tweets). I just want to facilitate the groove that is my life by understanding music a little better while letting it move everything else. My performance of “I believe it can be done” is there warts and all (a lot of warts) as a document. A starting point. A new beginning. It’s a song (and movie) that messed me up when I was 10. And now I’m kicking this new direction off with this video as a tribute to where I’ve been and where I’m going. It’s my Key Change. Modulate with me, y’all. It’s going to be a fun year.

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