The Phoenix


A night of excessive drinking leaves a girl unable to access the truth of what happened during the party. The doubt leaves her distant and self destructive until she confronts the truth of what happened that night.

MovieDayStart TimeEnd Time
The PhoenixSunday, May 24, 20153:06 PM3:18 PM

Jim DanDee
Jim DanDee
Oleg Bolotov
Key Cast
Nora Lankhof
Alexandra Bettencourt
Matthew Ian Erikson
Jim DanDee

Director: Jim DanDee
Since I got my first 110 camera as a kid, images have been my life. The spark of desire to capture pushed me on to make my high school graduation video and then try for a bachelor’s in business so I could start a video production company. After a year, I switched majors to Visual and Performing Arts, with my concentration in Film Studies.

I dropped out of college to work full time at the video rental store I had been working at until they went out of business. Once the last doors were closed, I returned to school and finished my undergraduate degree. The professors I had been working closely with during my final semester suggested I go after my masters in film production, which I obliged because my desire was always in the capturing and creation of images. This work is all I can manage to do.

Director’s Statement
The Phoenix is meant to be an attempt at capturing the experiences of the protagonist by using film language & production techniques, rather than words.


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