The dark comedy Sessions shines light on a topic that most rather pretend is nonexistent than actually talk about: mental health and emotional issues. During the film, we first meet a character by the name of Igor, who may or may not be the world’s worst psychologist. The audience is then introduced to Igor’s new group of patients, who happen to be young adults seeking mental/emotional help. Their psychologist, Igor Masters, surprisingly deals with the dark situation with just a tad too much humor. Although the patients find it highly inappropriate, Igor finds it entertaining and enlightening. As the film progresses, we continue to see Igor attempt to make the session successful by having his patients do some activities he created, but his unwillingness to take things seriously makes that almost impossible. At the end of the film, we discover something so incredibly twisted about one of the patients which will leave an audience in shock and possibly some discomfort.

MovieDayStart TimeEnd Time
SessionsSaturday, May 23, 2015
Director Amada Sanchez will be in attendance!
6:40 PM
6:51 PM

Amada Sanchez
Amada Sanchez
Amada Sanchez
Harvey Guillen
Key Cast
Harvey Guillen Eye Candy (MTV), The Thundermans (Nick), Huge (ABC Family)
Cody Saintgnue Teen Wolf (MTV), House (Fox)
Jason Rogel With This Ring (LifeTime), The MistleTones (ABC Family)
Landen Starkman Day2Night (YouTube Series)
Amada Sanchez Chocolate Milk, Dead Holliday (Short Films)

Sessions Production Pictures


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