Self-Deportation: The Untold Tale of a Marginal Woman


An Asian American woman crosses over into a surreal world after a series of strange encounters on the subway. Caught in an endless loop of subway cars and mysterious hallways, she becomes lost in the fantastical landscape of ‘Real America’ — dreamlike environments populated by various American archetypes: a peppy cheerleader, a fast-talking politician, an heroic firefighter, etc. Her final act of ‘self-deportation’ — both literal and figurative — raises questions about our notions of home and belonging.

MovieDayStart TimeEnd Time
Self-Deportation The Untold Tale of a Marginal WomanSunday, May 24, 2015
Music Composer
Jason Matsumoto will be in attendance!
3:40 PM4:00 PM

Eugene Sun Park
Cynthia Bond
Tracy Pitts
Julia Fuller
Sound Editor
Adam Mizner
Wanda Jin
Set Designer
Brittney Williams
Associate Producer
Lance Adams
Sara Zalek
Music Composer
Jason Matsumoto
Assistant Director
Tyler Hathaway
2nd Assistant Director
Josh Stephenson
Assistant Set Designer
Kayla Ginsburg

Director: Eugene Sun Park
Eugene is a writer, director, and producer working in traditional narrative and experimental forms. Eugene’s films have screened at festivals, micro-cinemas, and on broadcast television, including New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, Anthology Film Archives, Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, HDFEST, New Hope Film Festival, the Whitsell Theater at the Portland Art Museum, and on Time Warner Cable.
Eugene’s feature-length screenplay, Michael’s Story, was the winner of the Screenplay Competition at the 37th Asian American International Film Festival (AAIFF). He is a 2014 recipient of an Artist Project Grant from the Illinois Arts Council, which has supported the production of his latest film, Self-Deportation: The Untold Tale of a Marginal Woman. Newcity Magazine recently profiled Eugene in “Chicago’s Screen Gems: Film 50” – an annual list of the influencers in Chicago’s thriving film industry. This fall, Eugene is the featured filmmaker of Oracle Theatre’s “Aperture Series” – a multi-day showcase of his short works.

Director’s Statement
I went to graduate school for philosophy, not film, so my creative process is characterized by a lot of questions and a lot of dissatisfaction with the answers. As a result, most of my films are “experimental” in one sense of the word or another.
To my mind, experimental filmmaking is entirely about one’s approach to the process of writing, shooting, and editing a film, as opposed to anything about the final product. Of course, when you write, shoot, and edit in unconventional ways, often the result is something that is very unsettling or strange or iconoclastic. Or sometimes it’s just bad. That’s one of the possible outcomes when you conduct an experiment.
As a producer, I try to support other filmmakers working on the margins, both in terms of content and form. I’m especially interested in supporting filmmakers who are willing to take risks, and who do not simply want to make films that conveniently fit into the standard narrative tropes of popular film and television.

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