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A teen realizes that its hard being a grown up.

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MadurandoSaturday, May 23, 20154:00 PM4:13 PM

Frisly Soberanis
Kyra Vargas
Pablo Soberanis
Marleny Soberanis
Linda Riera
Julian Beltran
Daniel Roaman
Robert Ramos
Frisly Soberanis
Saffia Rahimtoola
Frisly Soberanis

Directors bio:
Frisly Soberanis comes from Queens, NY via Guatemala. He graduated from the Academy for Careers in TV and Film specializing in directing. He is currently the video content producer at Peloton Interactive. He has worked on many projects, including American Promise (Shooter-Sundance, Fullframe), Alien Dawn (2nd Unit-Nickelodeon), and has shot content for Carmelo Anthony. He won the Lotus Foundation Achievement in the Arts Award, was a finalist in the Univision Radio Latino film contest and has had his work screen on Yahoo’s Cortos for Hispanic Heritage Month. He recently Shadowed Director Ramin Bahrani as part of the Power of Words initiative from the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Tribeca Film Institute, and Mont Blanc. He is currently working on a few projects/teams, one just won a MacArthur Award, and hopes to continue producing content and work on the craft.

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