She is the Hungry Wolf: La Loba Campeona

One of these days I will go on a rant about names.
The names Latino parents like to give their children. Damn, I think I can write a book about it. But that will be another day.
Today I want to focus on this name: Oxandia Napoleon Castillo or “La Loba” as she is affectionately called is an undefeated 18 year old Dominican female boxer that just became the WBO super welterweight champion last night in San Jose, Costa Rica against the previously undefeated hometown champ Hanna Gabriel. The fight is right here in all it’s glorious two rounds.

I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot from “La Loba”. My question to anyone out there is why is she called “La Loba” when her actual name is as crazy as Oxandia Napoleon Castillo. I wouldn’t get in an elevator with someone bearing that name, let alone a ring. Anyway, it’s a nice win for DR a day after their independence day.
And for your listening pleasure the first five songs I could think of with “wolf” in the title. Sorry, Shakira was # 6 and # 7 and therefore will not be included here. If you have any songs in mind – let me know – I’ll add ’em!

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