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Kathleen Bosworth Shorts
Saturday, May 23, 201511:00 AM11:30 AM

Kathleen graduated from U.C.L.A., The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and South Coast Repertory’s Professional Conservatory with a focus on theater. Having written several plays that ended up stuffed in a drawer somewhere, at age fifty-four she decided not to wait for projects to come to her and instead took the leap into film making as a way to produce her own work. The concept of “Five Elements Unbalanced” came from an article on Feng Shui element personality archetypes and what happens when those characteristics are thrown off balance. The first of the short series “Earth”, “Metal” and “Wood” were completed in 2014. “Fire” and “Water” to be completed in 2015. Her favorite part of making these short films has been collaborating with wonderful actors, musicians and artists. At age fifty-five and officially able to order off the Denny’s Senior menu, she’d like to say that you’re never too old to follow your muse.

“Earth” is the third short in the “Five Elements Unbalanced” series. Rose has spent her life nurturing those around her. Possessing the Earth element personality she has always been the grounded one, supportive, self-sacrificing and unappreciated by her disconnected husband, Mitch and her self-absorbed daughter, Violet. Now it’s her time to plant the seeds of change effecting a wake up call for those around her.

Fredrick and Helen are celebrating their 10th anniversary. “Practical” Helen has opted for a low budget celebration – a picnic in the park with only non GMO, gluten free, organic snacks. Fredrick, longing for something more decadent (the Snickers in the glove compartment), escapes with the excuse that he left Helen’s present in the car. But when he gets there, he finds the car’s been ransacked – Helen’s present is gone and so is Fredrick’s Canon Rebel. Claiming that she spied the culprit, the odd lady parked next to him leads him on a wild goose chase through the park, where Fredrick discovers something a lot more important than his missing Camera.


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