• Key Change 23: The belated intro.

    The beginning of it all. April 23rd 2013. Key Change 23. The road to living my life more musically. Music is life. Music is love. And this is me performing “I Believe It Can Be Done” from the movie “The Idolmaker” (originally sung by Ray Sharkey). The song and this movie we’re very influential in…

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  • She is the Hungry Wolf: La Loba Campeona

    She is the Hungry Wolf: La Loba Campeona

    One of these days I will go on a rant about names. The names Latino parents like to give their children. Damn, I think I can write a book about it. But that will be another day. Today I want to focus on this name: Oxandia Napoleon Castillo or “La Loba” as she is affectionately…

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  • Oscar and Lupe: A Tale of Forgetfulness

    Oscar and Lupe: A Tale of Forgetfulness

    So, I’m about 5 days late and 35 thousand dollars short but I need to talk a little about the Oscars. I don’t want to talk about Seth MacFarland‘s hosting stint and the boobs song (and his problem understanding beautiful Latinos – I know it was a joke, take it easy). I’m not gonna talk…

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  • Netflix Instant: MAD HOT BALLROOM

    Netflix Instant: MAD HOT BALLROOM

      Today is February 27th. It’s Dominican Independence Day. I am Dominican-American. Being born in Brooklyn, NY to Dominican immigrants makes me a Dominican-York, or more accurately a York-Dominican. But these are all just titles. Some are given to me and some I cling onto with every bit of strength in my soul. Which leads…

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