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4ELEMENTS 4WEAPONS takes us on a tour through the art and activism of the underground hip hop community in Santiago, Chile.

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4ELEMENTS 4WEAPONSSunday, May 24, 201512:59 PM2:09 PM

As the documentary weaves in and out of different character’s lives, we become witness to how this community of youth, with its undying dedication, hard work, and almost no economic resource, utilizes the four elements of hip hop culture (rap, graffiti, breakdance and DJ) to build awareness, bring to light an alternative perspective regarding history and the current neo-liberal order, and create a new identity for themselves as pobladores (people from lower income communities).

From a hot dog sale organized to fund a graffiti workshop and promote self-sufficiency to a young mother’s teaching herself (and, in turn, rapping in) the virtually extinct indigenous language of the Mapuche; from a workshop deconstructing the concept of family through discussion and rap to a graffiti artist couple’s seeking permission in their run-down community to create an enormous mural depicting a positive and colorful representation of the neighborhood, we are given a glimpse of the wide range of activities hip hop youth engage in as a means of empowerment.

What is revealed is a critical voice of dissent and an inspiring display of positive action toward effecting change within these young hip hop youth’s lives and communities.

Katharin Ross
Katharin Ross
Tracy Boni
Katharin Ross

Director: Katharin Ross
Katharin Ross is an independent documentary filmmaker living and working in Santiago, Chile. Originally from Chicago, Katharin received her B.A. in film and video studies at the University of Michigan and attended cinematography and documentary film workshops at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba. Katharin recently finished her first feature-length documentary, an independent project following the art and activism of the underground hip hop community in Santiago, Chile. She has collaborated with artists such as Pantera Negra, Guerrillerokulto, JAAS and PZRC on music videos. One of these, Newen (co-directed, camera, editing) by the artist JAAS, resulted in an invitation for the artist to the Smithsonian’s Festival of Indigenous Cinema in New York, USA. Katharin is currently in pre-production of a new documentary project.


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